And we're back! ...The end of the nursing chronicles

Well I took a leave of absence from my blog, wondering if it was something I really wanted to do or not?  And after a couple more months of parenting 'not as planned' I have decided to get back at it!! (the blog that is)

My daughter is 8 months old and has stopped nursing.  Im pretty sure it was my supply that wasn't keeping up because when the milk was there she usually nursed well.  I had wanted to go at least a year but we didnt get off to the best start and my supply was never able to meet her needs.  And I tried almost everything.  Fresh teas, liquid capsules, pumping, frequent nursing, nursing single sided per feed, nursing both sides each feed...the thing that did work was the tincture.  But I got tired of fighting and forcing and feeling frustrated.  It kept me from enjoying my baby, so for my 30th birthday I decided to give it up.  We nursed a few more times after that (which was a sweet and tender surprise) and I am still pumping once a day and adding it to her bottles.

Ending our breastfeeding didn't bring all the results I though it would though.  She still has bad allergies and a watery eye, which I thought she was getting from my overactive histamine response through my breast milk.  And she isn't gaining better weight either.  Some days she eats good and other days she does not.  Her weight is still going up and down and I have started to give her a dream feed every night to make up for ounces she is not drinking during the day.  If I weighed her right now I would be lucky if she weighed 14 lbs!  they thought I was malnutritioned when I was a baby so I guess she gets it from me.  Too bad I don't still have that problem!  I lose weight then gain it back where she gains weight then loses it. *sigh*

I have lots more topics I want to write about so Ill "see" you soon!

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