Diaper Reviews

Please join in and add your experience and pass this along to anyone looking for the right diaper for their little one :)

I have used both disposables and cloth diapers. Since they are more common, lets start with Disposables:

ForNewborns - Pampers Swaddlers seem to be the favorite!
They have a soft mesh inner lining, they soak up a lot of pee n poo without getting too bulky, and have a nice little indicator line that tells you if and where they have wet with just a quick peek. Some smell really good like baby powder, but unfortunately the ones I bought didn't, and I don't know why?

I also loved Huggies Organic. Very soft with more features than the Pampers Sensitive.

Target's Up & Up Brand are GREAT!! Very inexpensive, nice a trim and SUPER absorbent! They last 12hours overnight with no leaks!

For Multiples and older babies, Kirkland/Costco brand diapers work great.
They have a distinct feeling when they are wet enough to need a change, and you get a lot in bulk for a good price. They do not make newborn size and are often out of size 1 here in Mesa, AZ.
Huggies were harder to tell when wet and ready for a change but otherwise comperable

Huggies Little Snugglers were adaquate but less impressive

Huggies Supreme is recommened by a very experienced Newborn Care Specialist for newborn boys

For Earth Friendly Natural Brands- I have tried Seventh Generation and Nature Baby Care. I haven't tried the Earth's Best, have you? If so please comment! All are unbleached, cholrine free, and partially biodegradeable :)

Seventh Gen are light brown, which I like bc it lets people know you are using a more earth friendly disposeable diaper. But other than that I didn't find them to be great or terrible. They worked fine, ran true to size, and didnt leak too much. But for me, everything leaked poo when my baby was in her first 12 weeks.
Nature Baby Care are WONDERFUL!
They are eggshell in color with little leaves printed on them. I read from a consumer that they are 60% biodegradeable but was unable to authenticate that on the brand site or package. No leaks, TMI -except when she has a massive poo every 3 days (she has soup poops, not clay like ones other babies have)

Cloth Diapers -

BumGenuis 3.0, are GREAT!
Absolutely NO leaks! They are a one size so they can be bulky on small babies, but they stay dry fabic is wonderful! Keeps baby very dry!

Rumprarooz Lil JoeysNewborn Diaps
are so cute, so trim, and fit premies!! They also have an umbilical cord snap down. Very soft but despite the inner gussetts they do leak and blowout if not changed frequently. AIO means 2 hours plus on the dry time in an he dryer.

Flip diaper by BumGenius
also good. They have a snap closure, preferred by some, and an easy lay in pocketless liner. I never had any leaks. Color selection is extremely limited but they do have an organic option.

My personal favorite! Very cute prints and colors, nice and trim although a tad rounder in the front due to the snaps being on the side/hips rather than on the front. Very soft velor and organic velor. Difficult to find on the reslae market, expensive. Some leaks and blowouts, and all things swaddlebees tend to stain and need sunning more regularly than other brands.

Happy Heineys sized pocket velcro diaps
They have the best ex small newborn diaps of all the ones I tried. Very cute, soft, and trim! The smalls were smaller than other brands which was great for my skinny baby, but offered less room to grow. Great color selection and lower price point. Velcro can poke baby if not put on carefully, and they do leak if not changed often enough. I got mine on sale so perhaps they have an improved model?

FuzziBunz Perfect Fit sized pocket diaps
A favorite to many moms bc of their curved snaps around the legs making a better less leaky fit. Lots of room to grow, long lasting materials, grea color selection. The small was as big as my one sozes at their fullest extension, so lots of room to grow, but hard to fit a smaller baby in.

Ladies PLZ add your experiences with these and other diapers- Thanks! :)

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